(Information received from the National Park Service)

The 13th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Gore's) was usually called Dibrell's 8th Cavalry. It
was organized in September 1862 as a partisan ranger command.  It's 12 companies were
from Jackson, Overton, Putnam, and White Counties. The regiment was assigned to Forrest's,
Hume's, Biffle's and Dibrell's Brigade. It fought at Parker's Cross Roads, skirmished in Alabama
and Georgia, then was engaged at Chickamauga. The unit later  was involved in the Atlanta
Campaign, saw action at Saltville in Virginia, Savannah Georgia, Averyboro and Bentonville
The unit served as President Davis' escort and surrendered at Washington, Georgia, on May 2,
1865. Its commanders were Colonels George G. Dibrell and Mounce L. Gore,  Lieutenant
Colonel F. H. Daugherty, and Majors William P. Chapin and Jeffrey E. Forrest.

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